AJJ has a successful record of maximizing corporate marketing revenues for its client partners through advertising sales, exhibits, and corporate sponsorships. Our corporate marketing experts are top performers who are well known and trusted throughout the health care industry.

Corporate Sales & Marketing

Personalized marketing programs are developed for companies, hospitals, and other organizations who want to reach the specialized audiences represented by our client partners.

All marketing programs are established to provide "win-win" opportunities for the association and each company that participates.

We offer a variety of methods to help our corporate partners reach their target audience. Corporate partners may select one method or choose a combination of approaches. We will create a customized plan that meets each corporate partner’s needs.


AJJ’s team serves as advertising director for a variety of specialized print and electronic publications. Targeted advertising opportunities are available in peer-reviewed journals, newsletters, email newsletters, conference program books, in the Online Libraries, and on websites.


Our team provides exhibit sales and management for many client partner conferences and meetings each year. This service also include creating and distributing an exhibit prospectus for each conference, selling exhibit space, developing floor plans and designing exhibit hours, providing on-site exhibit coordination and management, negotiating and overseeing services of outside vendors (drayage, exhibit service contractor, security, etc.), and communicating with current and potential exhibitors.

Special Projects

In addition to advertising, exhibiting, and corporate membership, we also welcome the opportunity to partner with companies to develop and coordinate special projects. Our client partners are receptive to new and innovative ideas that provide additional benefits for their members and help the sponsor achieve the desired marketing exposure.

Projects may include:

  • Continuing education programs.
  • Non-CE programs.
  • Supplements to journals.
  • Targeted direct mail programs.
  • Grant support of targeted educational programs.