Associations benefit from full-service management by Anthony J. Jannetti, Inc.

Full-Service Management

As the corporate headquarters for an association, AJJ provides day-to-day administration, association marketing, operations, executive management, board and volunteer development, membership services, database management, web services, and financial services.

Associations benefit from full-service management by an AMC. As the corporate headquarters for an association, AJJ provides day-to-day administration, operations, executive management, board and volunteer development, membership services, database management, web services, and financial services.

An association is led by an Executive Director who oversees the association team. Our Pitman, NJ, office serves as the association’s national office and includes office space, mail, phone, fax, email, and Internet access. The Executive Director and association team develop and monitor all association systems, policies, processes, and communications, reporting directly to the Board of Directors.

"AJJ's expertise is invaluable in the management services provided to AAACN. Their advice, support, facilitation and direction keeps us focused and effective in leading our association into the future."
-Traci Haynes, MSN, RN, BA, CEN
American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing

Among their many duties, AJJ association staff members:

  • Provide first line customer service to members, potential members, and customers.
  • Work directly with boards of directors, task forces, special interest groups, and other volunteer leaders.
  • Serve as staff liaisons to committees and task forces.
  • Assure efficient management of staff and resources.
  • Develop budgets and monitor revenues and expenses.
  • Assist with strategic planning and implementation.
  • Represent and enforce the association’s mission, values, and goals, and implement strategic objectives.
  • Maintain all financial, tax, legal, and government required documentation, as well as corporate records, including meeting minutes, financial records, and continuing education records.Coordinate and participate in board meetings and conventions.
  • Work with research grant and award sponsors.
  • Facilitate membership development.
  • Provide administrative support and timely production of association products and publications.
  • Assist in the maintenance, updating, and monitoring of the association website.
  • Process all incoming and outgoing mail and shipments.


Our full-service client partners also contract with AJJ to provide a variety of additional services, including:

  • Conference Management
  • Association Marketing
  • Publication Services
  • Fulfillment/Information Services
  • Creative Design & Production
  • Internet Services
  • Financial Services
  • Education Services
  • Public Relations and Association Marketing

Whether you’re planning a virtual event, large conference, convention, symposium, or simple meeting: our team takes care of it all, leveraging current technology along the way. We plan and coordinate every aspect of your physical and live on screen gatherings to bring you the most successful event imaginable. Our events team collectively brings more than 75 years of experience in food and beverage, hotel operations, activities, and presentation planning.

Our high volume of business and long-standing relationships in the industry give us the ability to negotiate the best possible hotel and event rates. The alliances we have established with vendors and hotels ensure that we obtain the best they have to offer.

Our conference management department will also:

  • Research conference and meeting sites.
  • Negotiate all event-related contracts (audio visual, entertainment, etc).
  • Plan budgets.
  • Provide complete on-site conference management.
  • Arrange adequate facilities and housing for guests, registrants, exhibitors, and staff.
  • Reserve appropriate space for meetings, exhibits, and social gatherings, as well as off-site venues.
  • Provide information regarding the city, transportation, hotel, sights, and dining for members and staff.
  • Make VIP, exhibitor, and speaker arrangements.

AJJ offers a wide range of media relations and communications services. We work with our clients to give their associations a voice in the media, as well as increase association membership, brand name recognition, meeting attendance, website traffic, product sales, and social media presence.

Media Relations and Communications
Media relations goals focus on achieving a strong, positive presence in nursing, medical, and lay media outlets by providing a regular stream of news and information. Functioning as a newsroom for each client, the department writes press releases and promotes clients as experts in their field. Association representatives appear regularly in major print, electronic, and television news media across the country.

To achieve these goals, the department:

  • Sends press releases about news, events, and products. 
  • Pitches articles to the media. 
  • Promotes association spokespersons as experts in their field.
  • Works directly with the media on articles or TV/radio/podcast segments, arranging interviews, and providing reporters and editors with background information.

The department also provides complete follow-up after media interviews by logging all information, obtaining copies of articles, tracking coverage, and monitoring responses.

Other services include individual and group media training, speech writing, ghost writing, strategic messaging, and consulting on communications for legislative advocacy.

AJJ has a successful record of maximizing association marketing revenues for its client partners through advertising sales, exhibits, and corporate sponsorships. Our association marketing experts are top performers who are well known and trusted throughout the health care industry.

Personalized marketing programs are developed for companies, hospitals, and other organizations who want to reach the specialized audiences represented by our client partners.

All marketing programs are established to provide "win-win" opportunities for the association and each company that participates.

We offer a variety of methods to help our corporate partners reach their target audience. Corporate partners may select one method or choose a combination of approaches. We will create a customized plan that meets each corporate partner’s needs.

Association Marketing
Association marketing goals focus on promoting a client’s mission, membership, conferences, education, publications, certification, social media presence, and products, both internally to your members and externally to prospective members, customers, and stakeholders. Our experts monitor the latest marketing trends and have won awards for their creative, results-driven promotions.

AJJ’s team serves as advertising director for a variety of specialized print and electronic publications. Targeted advertising opportunities are available in peer-reviewed journals, newsletters, email newsletters, conference program books, in the Online Libraries, and on websites.

Our team provides exhibit sales and management for many client partner conferences and meetings each year. This service also include creating and distributing an exhibit prospectus for each conference, selling exhibit space, developing floor plans and designing exhibit hours, providing on-site exhibit coordination and management, negotiating and overseeing services of outside vendors (drayage, exhibit service contractor, security, etc.), and communicating with current and potential exhibitors.

Special Projects
In addition to advertising, exhibiting, and association membership, we also welcome the opportunity to partner with companies to develop and coordinate special projects. Our client partners are receptive to new and innovative ideas that provide additional benefits for their members and help the sponsor achieve the desired marketing exposure.

Projects may include:

  • Mailing list rental
  • Continuing education programs

  • Non-CE programs
  • Supplements to journals
  • Targeted direct mail programs

  • Grant support of targeted educational programs

We are an in-house art department. What do we do? We design!


Fusing creativity and technology, AJJ's award-winning graphic artists give a fresh look to our clients' publications and promotions. From animated presentations to print advertising campaigns, the creative design and production team produces attention-getting materials that engage readers and promote an association’s brand identity.

Services include designed:

  • Logos
  • Journals
  • Newsletters
  • Conference brochures and programs
  • Textbooks, core curriculum, and other books
  • Brochures, advertisements, posters, and other targeted membership promotions
  • Other special projects as needed
  • Our designers oversee a project’s entire production, from start to finish. They:
  • Collaborate with association staff and volunteers
  • Develop, design, and format text
  • Make all design and text changes
  • Obtain printing, mailing, and other cost quotes
  • Oversee printing and production of final product with outside vendors

  • All projects are designed to ensure consistency with the client brand identity.
  • Our team has strong relationships with several printing vendors, which ensures all project deadlines are met in a timely and cost-efficient manner. The department also collaborates with the Publications Department and the Public Relations and Association Marketing Department in creating and completing projects.

The Education Services Department believes that learning is a life-long commitment and assists our associations in providing quality nursing continuing professional development activities to their members and colleagues. By supporting education activities that extend beyond the classroom to the point of care, the department creates a culture of learning in which members are encouraged to grow personally and professionally

Department Operations

The department assists in designing a variety of learning opportunities that meet each association’s budget requirements and membership needs. They:

  • Direct the needs assessment and gap analysis process
  • Collaborate with Program Planning Committees and Boards of Directors to plan education activities
  • Implement education activities
  • Evaluate all education activities and processes 
  • Assure nursing continuing professional development activities provide contact hours that help to meet certification and re-licensure criteria
  • Oversee the nursing continuing professional development process for association journals, newsletters, and other enduring NCPD/CNE activities as per ANCC Provider Unit criteria
  • Provide on-site management of live education programs
  • Education activities include: live and virtual conferences, webinars, online enduring offerings, journal/newsletter articles and certification review courses

The Financial Services Department consists of three employees who handle the day to day accounting responsibilities for our clients.

These services include:

  • Processing accounts payable
• Preparing weekly deposits

  • Reconciling bank statements
  • Preparing reports for board members

  • Working with association staff to coordinate management of client investments

  • Working with association staff to develop operational and conference budgets

There is open communication between our staff and the association Treasurers. Reports are sent out on a monthly basis and any questions received are answered in a timely manner.

AJJ’s Information Services (IS) Department consists of two teams focused on data/data process
management and Internet services. Together, they manage the following processes:

These services include:

  • New and renewal memberships
  • Product orders

  • Registrations

  • Accounting reconciliation and adjustments 

  • Data quality 

  • Consulting/testing on all new database-related projects or processes 

  • Systems integration 

  • Web/database development 

  • Website design and management 

  • Website hosting management
  • Email marketing design and delivery
  • Event websites 

  • Mobile app management 

  • Troubleshooting and staff support for database and websites 

  • Analytics/reports on the above

As an accomplished producer of countless award-winning publications and more than 50 years of publishing expertise, Jannetti Publications, Inc. (JPI), Anthony J. Jannetti’s publishing division, has the knowledge and expertise to position your publication to the forefront of its industry. From copy editing to copyrighting, distribution, and everything in between, our clients remain at ease while their publication process is managed seamlessly.

Whether you need a virtual publication, podcast, journal, newsletter, core curriculum, meeting brochures and programs, books, or promotional materials, JPI will equip you with vital services for success including:

  • Copy editing, proofing, managing the peer-review process.
  • Designing, layout, and printing your publication.

  • Corresponding with editors, editorial board members, manuscript review panel members, and authors.

  • Soliciting and corresponding with authors.
  • Developing marketing and subscription promotions.
  • Copyrighting publications.
  • Recording, editing, rendering, and streaming audio content for podcasts.
  • Creating virtual and physical renders of your product.

Known for top-notch content, the JPI team works closely with in-house creative design, advertising, and fulfillment departments to fit together the many pieces of the publication puzzle in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Our virtual publications adapt to all electronic devices, giving publication consumers the best experience possible.

JPI has been recognized with numerous awards for exceptional service, including but not limited to several APEX Awards for Publication Excellence, Communication Gold Circle Awards, Society of National Association Publishers (SNAP) Gold Awards, and Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing/NOLF Awards for Exceptional Effort in Bringing Geriatric Nursing Best Practices to Specialty Nurses.

As a leader in specialty nursing journals, JPI publishes its own renown and successful publications including MEDSURG Nursing, Nursing Economic$, and Pediatric Nursing, in addition to the many publications of its association partners.