AJJ Announces Its 2011 Employee of the Year

Kristina Moran, Education Coordinator for AJJ, has been named AJJ's 2011 Employee of the Year. Kristina received her award during the company's annual Christmas party in December.

Kristina is described as a positive asset to AJJ. She is dedicated, thoughtful, and caring, a top-notch organizer, and she is not afraid to take on a challenge.

Small but mighty, you might expect her to be frazzled with her intense workload, but instead, she maintains an even keel and works very effectively under pressure.

After the departure of her supervisor earlier this year, she took on more responsibilities and helped our new Education Services Director become familiar with her role at AJJ.

And to top it off, she drives an hour and a half each day to and from work! We are very pleased to recognize Kristina as our 2011 Employee of the Year.

The AJJ Employee of the Year Award is presented annually to an employee who has demonstrated outstanding performance throughout the year.

The Employee of the Year is nominated by his or her co-workers as one who stands out for his or her productivity, sound judgment, consistent and efficient job performance, positive attitude, and loyalty to peers and to AJJ.

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