Communications and Media Relations

AJJ offers a wide range of public relations, media, and marketing services. We work with our clients to boost association membership, brand name recognition, meeting attendance, website traffic, product sales, and social media presence.

Public Relations

NewsPublic relations goals focus on achieving a strong, positive presence in nursing, medical, and lay media outlets by providing a regular stream of news and information. Functioning as a newsroom for each client, the department writes press releases and promotes clients as experts in their field. Association representatives appear regularly in major print, electronic, and television news media across the country.

To achieve these goals, the CMR Department:

  • Sends press releases about news, events, and products.
  • Pitches articles to the media.
  • Promotes association spokespersons as experts in their field.
  • Works directly with the media on articles or TV/radio segments, arranging interviews, and providing reporters and editors with background information.

The PR Department provides complete follow-up after media interviews by logging all information, obtaining copies of articles, tracking Internet postings, and monitoring responses. The department also offers personalized media training.

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Meet Our Team

  • Janet Perrella-D'Alesandro, Communications and Media Relations Director

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