Our national nursing associations have had an extraordinary impact on how health care is delivered in America. Their leadership, skills, advocacy, and dedication of these nurses have resulted in lives saved and better, more equitable patient care.

This year, AJJ honors milestone anniversaries for two of our client partners, both founded by visionary nurse leaders:

Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN)
30th Anniversary

Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association (GAPNA)
40th Anniversary

Each organization has too many achievements to list here, however we will share some recent highlights.

AMSN, founded in 1991, represents medical-surgical nurses, members of the single largest nursing specialty in the country. For years, AMSN has been a powerful voice for nurses through its advocacy in Washington, DC, lobbying for legislation to better support the entire nursing profession. Most recently, the organization embarked on a sweeping Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness (DEI) initiative that will lead the industry, and during the pandemic’s worst months, AMSN launched a COVID-19-specific competency assessment and several staffing resources that helped bring nurses to hotspots across the country.

GAPNA, founded in 1981, supports and educates advanced practice nurses who care for older adults. While the challenges faced by these patients have always been immense – intensified by the COVID-19 crisis - GAPNA and its members tirelessly continue to save lives and advocate for America’s seniors. More than ever before, the voices of advanced practice gerontological nurses are being heard in national news and in partnerships with influential government, health care, and private organizations.

Please join us in congratulating these remarkable organizations for their ongoing achievements. 

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