Mentoring the Stars: A Program for Volunteer Board Leaders

By Cynthia Nowicki Hnatiuk, EdD, RN, CAE, FAAN

Members of associations dedicate countless volunteer hours working on committees and task forces to advance their associations and the professions they represent. When they are elected to serve on an executive board, however, they may be unsure of what to expect in this new leadership position.

Cynthia Nowicki Hnatiuk, EdD, RN, CAE
Cynthia Nowicki Hnatiuk, EdD, RN, CAE, FAAN

This is where Mentoring the Stars: A Program for Volunteer Board Leaders comes in. Now in its second edition, Mentoring the Stars has proven success in helping new board members acclimate to their new roles and feel more fulfilled as board members.

They will attain the skills and competencies to function effectively on their association's leadership team. By combining a unique, self-study learning approach and a mentoring relationship with an experienced board member, new board members can excel.

Mentoring the Stars provides:

  • 10 board responsibilities
  • 11 board member competencies
  • Tables, figures, and tool kits on mentoring, leadership, decision making, teamwork, strategic planning, and more
  • Learning assessments for each chapter
  • For new board members: Assess skills and knowledge, establish mentoring relationships with experienced board members, and become effective members of the leadership team.
  • For experienced board members: Refresh knowledge and help new board members transition to their new roles.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword by Glenn Tecker
  • Tips for Associations
  • Chapter 1 - Mentoring: A Guide for the Mentor and Mentee
  • Chapter 2 - Board Roles and Responsibilities
  • Chapter 3 - Governance and Leadership
  • Chapter 4 - Decision Making
  • Chapter 5 - Teamwork and the Board-Staff Partnership
    • Section 1: Team Concepts
    • Section 2: The Leadership Team
  • Chapter 6 - Strategic Thinking and Planning
  • Chapter 7 - Budget and Financial Management
  • Chapter 8 - Effective Meetings
  • References and Suggested Readings

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What Do Readers Think about Mentoring the Stars?

"Mentoring the Stars presents an original collection of intelligence. It carefully blends the best research available about the unique character of non-profit voluntary enterprise with the proof of actual experience."

From the Foreword by Glenn Tecker, President and CEO, Tecker Consultants LLC

"Mentoring the Stars is a comprehensive, well-written document that encompasses a variety of leadership strategies in a most understandable format. The tool serves as a guide that can be used throughout one's entire term as a board member."

Kathleen A. Singleton
President, Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses

"Mentoring the Stars has been invaluable in getting our new board members up to speed on key concepts. By pairing the new member with a mentor, the ground work has also been established for an excellent working relationship."

Dottie Roberts
Executive Director, Orthopaedic Nurses Certification Board

"This was life changing and is useful in everyday life and day-to-day work experiences. The information is so applicable to all kinds of life experiences. I still use it today and I am no longer on the board."

Regina Conway-Phillips
Nurse Navigator, American Cancer Society

"Mentoring the Stars played an important role in my board development. It was also a wonderful resource for my service on a local community board."

Charlene Williams
Past President, American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing

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