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Jannetti Publications, Inc. Author Guidelines

You are a health care professional who wants to share your knowledge and improve patient care. You want to write about a new treatment you have developed, a groundbreaking study you have conducted, or an innovative new practice you have perfected. But you don't know where to start.

We have updated author guidelines that will help! Our Jannetti Publications, Inc. Guidelines for Authors leads you step-by-step through the writing process.

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Writing and Getting Published: Getting Started

Are you intimidated by the thought of writing for a nursing journal? Then this piece is for you! This article includes many helpful hints for nurses looking to "get their feet wet" in the publishing world. Topic development, planning, and communication skills all go a long way in authorship. There are always options for starting small. Overcome your fears by working slowly and setting attainable goals for yourself. A good editor will work with novice writers along the way. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

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Publish or Perish: Writing Under Pressure

Nurses may feel overwhelmed at the thought of writing for professional publication, but they also need to further their careers through such endeavors. While some jobs require it, many health care workers simply aspire to share their knowledge with others. Once you sit down with a pen and paper, where do you start? One nurse shares her "dream tips" for academic writing in this piece, ranging from brainstorming and organization all the way through acceptance (or rejection) of a manuscript.

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APA Quick Takes

The APA Quick Takes column has been designed to assist authors in becoming familiar with APA format and encourage even the most novice writers to try their hand at composing a manuscript. Articles cover topics such as citing electronic sources and how to do in-text citations for works with multiple authors.

Citing Wikipedia

Are you using Wikipedia as a resource in your studies? Before submitting a manuscript for publication, find out just how credible the information you've gathered is. Is the Wiki truly a friend to authors? Or a foe?

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Using Search Engines to Obtain Images for Publication

Have you ever used a search engine, such as Google, to acquire figures or tables to accompany a manuscript you've written? Did you know that not all images found on the Internet are in the public domain? By copying images from the Web and submitting them for publication, you run the risk of violating copyright law. Follow these easy steps when seeking proper permission.

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The Importance of Meeting Publishers' Deadlines

To an author, it may sometimes seem that publishers require material to be submitted much too far in advance. However, the deadlines set forth are arranged quite strategically and with a lot of planning. This article will help you understand the entire publication process, from peer review to print, and explain why it is imperative for authors to meet their deadlines.

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