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The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses 2013
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For associations to succeed in today's Internet-driven market, it is imperative to have a dynamic website that serves members quickly and efficiently.

AJJ custom designs websites to meet our client partners’ needs and works continuously to optimize the sites for new trends and emerging technologies - such as responsive design, implemented on all of our association websites to ensure that they are consistent with our mobile-focused approach to technology.

Our team has experience in all phases of the website lifecycle. The department collaborates with client partners to create, market, and maintain sites that:

  • Empower members and customers through powerful self-service opportunities
  • Connect to association databases in order to provide real-time updates and pricing information
  • Provide online education with instant certificates and online transcripts
  • Keep members engaged through advanced social networking tools

The department uses an advanced content management system that separates content from design, which greatly simplifies the process of adding new content and design elements to a website.

Security and privacy are paramount concerns, so AJJ uses the latest technology and best practices to secure all e-commerce transactions and protect personal information.

Meet Our Team

  • Todd Lockhart, Senior Director, Information Services
  • Nancy Schafer, Web Content Specialist
  • Vanessa Wheeler, Web Designer

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