Information Services

The Fulfillment/Information Services (FIS) Department creates database processes and solutions to match our client partners’ bylaws, policies, and procedures. The databases, which fully integrate with association websites, are used to track association membership, billing, and account status.

KeyboardThe FIS Department provides extensive services in the areas of membership, meetings, subscriptions, publications, survey analysis, and market research.

These services include:

  • Housing membership data
  • Processing membership applications and renewals, conference registrations, and subscriptions
  • Maintaining membership lists
  • Processing and shipping product orders
  • Providing administrative support for additional data processing

The FIS team works together to produce accurate and reliable information and fulfill all client/member requests within 48 hours, providing the greatest efficiency and added value.

Meet Our Team

  • Todd Lockhart, Sr Director, IS
  • Kathi Hacker, Director Information Systems
  • Robert C. McIlvaine, Sr Data Specialist
  • Nancy I. Schafer, Web Content Specialist
  • Karly Jeffers, Marketing Designer
  • Kathy Fahr, Registration Manager
  • Charlene Fuhrer, Registration Manager
  • Danielle Little, Registration Manager
  • Angela Yeh, Data Specialist
  • Lynette Silva, FIS Coordinator

Our Information Services Clients