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The nonprofit Foundation for Neonatal Research and Education (FNRE) was established in 1992 to ensure ongoing funding for neonatal research.

Later, the Foundation added a scholarship awards program for nurses seeking degrees in advanced practice neonatal nursing. The Foundation is dedicated to supporting neonatal nursing through research and education. Professionally active neonatal* nurses are eligible to apply for either a research grant or a scholarship.

*Professionally active neonatal nurses defined by meeting the following criteria:

  • Actively engaged in a service, research, or educational role that contributes directly to the health care of neonates or to the neonatal nursing profession. (Includes all professional neonatal nursing roles and neonatal nursing students).
  • An active member of a professional association dedicated to enhancing neonatal nursing and the care of neonates whose mission is consistent with the mission of the Foundation for Neonatal Research and Education.
  • Demonstration of ongoing professional education in neonatal nursing as demonstrated by at least 10 contact hours in neonatal content in the past 24 months. Or neonatal nurses enrolled in degree nursing programs (advanced or RN to BSN) during the same time period.

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